Sponsor Your Loved One:
108 Sun Salutations for World Peace
Saturday March 18th, 2017

Yoga: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Followed by a vegetarian community potluck
at Paradisio, behind Fruit of the Earth Organics
901 Early Street


make a donation to support your friend or family member

You or your loved one will be participating in 108 Sun Salutations for World Peace. This is no easy task, but your friend or family member is nonetheless committed to participating in this fundraiser in support of Santa Fe Community Yoga and our Yoga in Schools program.

Register for the event from our workshops page!

location of the event


why should you donate to this cause?

Santa Fe Community Yoga is Santa Fe's only non-profit yoga studio. We are committed to making yoga accessible and affordable for everybody. Our mission is to cultivate holistic well-being in our community through yoga and other mindfulness practices. 

We have a large variety of classes for both the general public and specialty populations.  In addition to our traditional yoga classes, we offer Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Beginners Yoga, and Yoga en Español, all by-donation. We also offer by-donation to the general public every day of the week.  Students and seniors always receive a discount for regular drop-in classes. 

Santa Fe Community Yoga is home to Yoga in Schools, which allows local students who have not yet graduated from high school to attend any public classes for free. Yoga in Schools also sends trained, high-quality yoga instructors into local schools to teach yoga and mindfulness to kids of all ages.  20% of what we raise for our 108 Sun Salutations event will directly benefit Yoga in Schools.

Our studio also brings the practice of yoga out into the world through community service events, in which we offer our time and energy to other great local causes in the spirit of selfless service. 

The event itself will be a rich experience for all participants. We will practice together with the heartfelt intention of creating a more peaceful world. Participants will be invited to practice at their own pace and to modify as needed; a more peaceful world begins within.  

How you can sponsor 108 sun salutations

You can donate any amount to this cause, whether you are supporting a loved one who is participating or not.  Here are a few suggestions:

10 cents per Sun Salutation = $10.80
50 cents per Sun Salutation = $54.00
1 dollar per Sun Salutation = $108.00
10 dollars per Sun Salutation = $1,080.00

how to donate

You can donate from wherever you are right now by using our safe and secure PayPal donation site by clicking the above PayPal link.

You are also welcome to make out a check to Santa Fe Community Yoga with "108" in the memo.  (If you wish for your entire donation to go towards our YiS program, you can make your check out to Yoga in Schools).  Checks can be dropped off or mailed to:

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Suite B1
Santa Fe, NM 87505

We will be accepting cash, check or credit card donations on the day of the event. Feel free to join us for our community potluck even if you are unable to participate in our practice of 108 Sun Salutations.