Blog post by Eliza Skye

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”
— Helen Keller

Pose of the Month:
Garudasana (Eagle) with Self-Hug Arms

Garudasana is commonly known as "Eagle Pose" but Garuda can also be translated as "devourer" because Garuda was originally identified with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays.”  In Hindu mythology, Garuda is known as the "king of birds". He transports the God Vishnu (the preserver or protector) and is eager to help humanity fight against demons alongside Vishnu. We will take this pose with self-hug arms this month as a form of self-love and friendship with our own inner being. It is a balancing pose, as well as a hip and shoulder opener. All balancing poses serve to focus the mind as well as strengthen the standing ankle and calf. We also get a thigh and upper back stretch in this variation of Garudasana.

Mudra of the Month:
Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra Mudra

All mudras (or hastas) are hand positions that are said to convey or encourage specific emotions or ideas. Vishuddha Chakra Mudra focuses on healing the chakra ("wheel" or point of energy) at the throat. We associate this area of the body with communication and creativity, as well as true expression of self. The mudra helps bring this to a balance, with truthful, honest speech - language that accurately represents who we are on the inside as we send it out into the world. It is also the connecting point between yourself and the higher wisdom of the universe. You can use this mudra in various poses (such as tadasana or sukhasana) to meditate on that connection. 

Visual Focus: Rhombus or Diamond of Life

Formed by two triangles, one pointing upward (signifying Yang) and one pointing downward (Yin), the Rhombus is a visual representation of polarity. The life task of each individual  is to balance the two energies within one's self. Our ego is the Yang self - the masculine energy, strength, heat and extroverted qualities. The Yin self is feminine, soft, cool and has introverted qualities. Every human is born with aspects of both, regardless of physical form. Use this visual focus to remind yourself to always strive for balance and harmony within. We can then live beyond polarity.