Flight (Rising Above)

Blog post by Eliza Skye

“Rise above sectional interests and private ambitions... Pass from matter to spirit. Matter is diversity; spirit is light, life and unity.”
— Muhammad Iqbal

Pose of the Month:
Virabhadrasana Three (Warrior Three)


This pose is named after Veerabhadra, a super being warrior who was created by Shiva. Shiva's father-in-law, Daksha, didn't invite him to his fireside horse sacrifice (yagna) and Shiva's wife, Sati, threw herself into the sacrificial fire out of shame.  That is the power behind this pose - a fierce warrior with one thousand heads, eyes and feet. Practicing this pose helps improve agility and balance, tones the abdomen, legs, ankles, shoulders and core. It is an incredible strengthening pose, like all of the warrior poses. Practicing this pose with a clear mind will help you though the challenges of balancing. You can also take different arm positioning, such as Garuda (Eagle) arms pictured above. 

Mudra of the Month:
Garuda Mudra (Eagle Mudra)

All mudras (or hastas) are hand positions that are said to convey or encourage specific emotions or ideas. Garuda Mudra is a powerful positioning that helps to settle the wind-like (Vata) traits of the body, including anxiety, restlessness, spaciness and insomnia. This will be especially beneficial to practice during the windy month of March, as the weather tends to affect our human experience. In addition to grounding, Garuda Mudra also helps to sharpen the eye sight, alleviate exhaustion and assist with the circulation of the blood. 

Visual Focus: Tripod of Life

Three intersecting circles form what is called the "Tripod of Life", as sacred shape for many cultures. This is a symbol for unity - three rings that are connected in such a way that they cannot be taken apart, unless by force, and in that case it doesn't matter which ring is cut, for they will all separate. In many traditions the circles represent mind, body and spirit. The shape can signify the second day of creation, the day of the trinity. The curved triangle in the center of the shape is considered to be a powerful lens through which we see the higher realms.